Creating Captivating Visual Spectacles

Moving head stage lights delivers exceptional performance and stunning lighting effects. Equipped with a φ178mm lens and a powerful 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp, the Lunar Beam produces even facula and mesmerizing illumination. With features such as 8 prisms, 16 double prisms, and prism combinations, this stage light fixture takes your lighting design to the next level. Experience the brilliance of Light Sky’s moving head stage lights with the Lunar Beam.

Powerful Lighting Effects and Enhanced Control

The Lunar Beam stage light fixture offers a wide range of powerful lighting effects and enhanced control options. With its φ178mm lens and 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp, this moving head beam spot wash light ensures even facula and stunning illumination that will captivate any audience. The Lunar Beam’s color combination capabilities, featuring 8 prisms, 16 double prisms, and prism combinations, add a dynamic and visually striking element to your lighting design. With an LCD backlit screen and a mobile app for easy control, the Lunar Beam provides seamless adjustments and customization for your lighting needs.

Easy Installation and Durable Design

Light Sky‘s Lunar Beam is designed for convenience and durability. The stage light fixture features a compact design and a standard clamp system, making installation quick and hassle-free. Whether you’re setting up for a concert, theatrical performance, or any other event, the Lunar Beam’s easy installation process simplifies your workflow. Additionally, the Lunar Beam is built with a heatproof plastic material that prevents UV radiation, high pressure, and aging, ensuring its longevity and reliability in various environments.


Light Sky’s Lunar Beam is the perfect choice for professionals seeking to elevate their lighting experiences. With its powerful lighting effects, enhanced control options, easy installation, and durable design, this moving head stage light fixture is a game-changer in the industry. The φ178mm lens and 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp deliver exceptional illumination and even facula, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. The Lunar Beam’s color combination capabilities and user-friendly control options allow for endless creativity and customization. Experience the convenience of easy installation with the standard clamp system, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the Lunar Beam’s durable and heatproof design.

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